Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

We offer perhaps the highest affiliate commission in the world

As online company without shareholders, expensive office blocks with a huge cleaning, maintenance, sales and such staff our overhead expenses are extremely low and enable us to pay the people that work for us from the comfort of their own home much more than normally.

Even our dedicated support staff work from home but we need much more people to promote our services but it seems most people are afraid of "sales" because they don't really understand how it works.

With a lot of time available this is ideal for unemployed people but even businesses can use it to earn some additional income as part of their normal activities.

Why income progams mostly don't work

What most people do wrong is that they focus on the product or service but no matter how good the commission or income EVERYTHING always depends on the marketing.

None of too little effort went into marketing or they do it wrong and then blame the "income opportunity" if there is no income.

Content => Marketing => Income

You need to think the other way round in the sense that a popular and content rich website will always lead to more powerful marketing and income from whatever.

Real Life Example

Years ago STD Bank offered R179 commission on successful Blue Bean Credit Card applications and with 80 + websites I created a lot of banner ads but while I earned around R2000 - R3000 pm for about 3 or 4 months, I learned that somebody I knew earned R80 000+ from this opportunity with almost a single email newsletter.

In short - He offered business seminars countrywide - Become ill and cannot travel anymore - Build his own website with very valuable information for business owners and charge a fee for membership - Write regular interesting and valuable newsletters from from his favorite cafe at the beach and earned about R200 000 pm from this website - The information (content) on his website and the newsletters is so good that a lot of businesses paid the montly fee with a smile and become to know and trust this person.

So when he write an email newsletter explaining the benefits of the blue bean credit card, how a clever business owner can use it to his benefit to get a "rent free loan" and some other valuable information about credit cards and the ideal way to let it work for you, a lot of business owners trusted him enough to apply for the card ......

Business owners and unemployed people can do the same

In fact, the website of any business should already be content rich and reflect the owner and his staff's knowledge about the specific industry in such way that it's easy to trust such business while unemployed people have a LOT of free time and in many cases more than enough knowledge about their hobbies, interests or field of work to build an interesting and valuable content rich website.

Joining us automatic register you as an affiliate too