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Domain Only + Parking / Pointing
This is for domain registration only when you don't need a website or email functionality at this stage and just want to park or point the domain name. (R95 p/a for domain parking / pointing plus cost of domain registration)
R95.00 ZAR Annually

Personal Package
R59 pm, 200 MB Web Space, 1 000 MB Bandwidth, 2 Email Addresses, 1 Database. FREE domain name with quarterly or longer payments.
R59.00 ZAR Monthly
R171.00 ZAR Quarterly (Free Domain)
R332.00 ZAR Semi-Annually (Free Domain)
R644.00 ZAR Annually (Free Domain)

Business Package
R99 pm, 1 000 MB Web Space, 5 000 MB Bandwidth, 50 Email Addresses, 5 Databases, 50 Subdomains, 50 Parked Domains, 2 Domains allowed. FREE domain name with quarterly or longer payments.
R99.00 ZAR Monthly
R288.00 ZAR Quarterly (Free Domain)
R558.00 ZAR Semi-Annually (Free Domain)
R1081.00 ZAR Annually (Free Domain)

Professional Package
Free Setup. R169 pm, 2 000 MB Web Space, 15 000 MB Bandwidth, 100 Email Addresses, 10 Databases, 100 Subdomains, 100 Parked Domains, 10 Domains allowed. FREE domain name.
R169.00 ZAR Monthly (Free Domain)
R491.00 ZAR Quarterly (Free Domain)
R953.00 ZAR Semi-Annually (Free Domain)
R1845.00 ZAR Annually (Free Domain)

Corporate Package
Free Setup. R249 pm, 5 000 MB Web Space, 50 000 MB Bandwidth, 500 Email Addresses, 50 Databases, 500 Subdomains, 500 Parked Domains, 20 Domains allowed. FREE domain name
R249.00 ZAR Monthly (Free Domain)
R724.00 ZAR Quarterly (Free Domain)
R1404.00 ZAR Semi-Annually (Free Domain)
R2719.00 ZAR Annually (Free Domain)

Reseller Package
Free Setup. R395 pm, 10 000 MB Web Space, 100 000 MB Bandwidth, Can host up to 100 Hosting account and create own packages. FREE domain name.
R395.00 ZAR Monthly (Free Domain)
R1149.00 ZAR Quarterly (Free Domain)
R2227.00 ZAR Semi-Annually (Free Domain)
R4313.00 ZAR Annually (Free Domain)

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3% Quarterly, 6% Semi-Annually and 9% Yearly Web Hosting Discount.