This is the central Client Billing and Support system for our business and various websites and we therefore only explain a few things for potential clients.

Domain Names

Domain names act as address or name board to tell visitors where to find your website or where to deliver the email and you can have multiple domain names for marketing and/or operational purposes where you offer for example different services.

The ideal is easy single words but you can also use a - separator between words such as

We Hosting

Web hosting is like renting a building or even a whole complex that can consist of several different buildings such as a main building, an entertainment area and conference center on your online property with all the related infrastucture included.


A website is the more personal / business related stuff and just like you don't NEED designer furniture, curtains and clothing for your business a website only need to fulfill it's goal, which in most cases is to get visitors, provide information and turn visitors into clients.


Content is the furniture, staff and everything else of your online building and the success or failure of your whole internet presence depends on the number and quality of content.

Apart from sufficient business, product or service information content is the real marketing tool and content is king and the currency of the internet.


Traditional marketing is in a sense just a big lie where media giants use the best marketing to get readers and visitors, CONTENT and then let businesses pay like hell for second rate marketing that almost everybody ignore, ADVERTISING.

Over many years we build, rest and rebuild many tools and systems and are now busy to combine that into one system that allow our clients to promote their businesses, products and services on our whole marketing group in the best way possible.

The following is a list of the current features of the marketing system and group.

Marketing Website and Marketing Group Features

Integrated Marketing Website (Click for Example)
Automatic Promotion on Group
Search Engine Optimized
Mobile Friendly
Unlimited Website Pages
24/7 Online Control Panel
Email Autoresponder
Landing / Sales Pages
Newsletter Management
Manage Website Articles
Manage Products
Manage Services
Order Products by Email
Advice, Tips and Help
Building of website features
Top Sliders
Color Boxes
Item Lists
Pricing Blocks
Promotional Boxes
Client Logos
Marketing Group and Features (Click for Example)
It's YOUR Group build on Unity Is Power
Dozens of Local Town Portal Websites
National Speciality Websites
Same Access / Control Panel as Owner
Search Engine Optimized
Build, tested and Re-tested Over Years
Under Constant Develop and Improvement
Lots of opportunities for co-operation available
What You Can Do or Get
Unlimited Impressions Banner Ads On Whole Group
Post Unlimited Articles
Post Reviews
Post Special Offers
Post Quotes
Post Videos
Post Available Jobs
Freelance System
Facebook Integration
Other Social Media
More More to Come
Gold Membership Features (Click for Example)
We build your website and integration it into the system
We design your logo, banner ads and marketing material
We promote you on our whole marketing group as our own
We do social media integration and regular marketing
Business and Jobseeker Listings
Appear on national Websites
Appear on dozens of town portals