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Integrated Marketing Website
Integrated Marketing Website

When you order a web hosting package you automatic gets an additional extra website with the goal to promote your business, products or services with our unique marketing system.

We made it as easy as that we could to build and manage this website and you don't need any technical knowledge.

The website have a powerful Layout with responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size. Looks ultra-sharp on Retina Screen Displays and all Retina Icons, Fonts & all others graphics are optimized.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also not left out and the system features several SEO techniques to let your website rank higher on search engines.

The default location of the marketing website is under but you can also use it as your main website under your own domain name.

The marketing website is integrated into our marketing group and you can manage your website, content and online markeitng from the same client control panel.

Integrated Content Management System
Integrated Content Management System

Content is King, content is the currency of the internet and the value of your internet real estate depends almost entirely on the value of your content. (The media, internet giants and almost all internet millionaires made their fortunes with CONTENT and if you take that content away they wil fold overnight. Would you use Facebook or Google if there is no posts or search results?)

Despite this there are almost no real content management system available because with even the many "Content management Systems" (CMS) such as Wordpress the focus is on the website and system and not on the CONTENT itself and with different websites and things the overall CONTENT is scattered over dozens of different and separate systems.

With our Integrated Content Management System the primary goal is to enable you to build and manage ALL your CONTENT from one central place.

You must remember and understand one thing and it is that CONTENT is the CURRENCY of the internet and will determine your ultimate success or failure and you can't manage your money properly if you have dozens of purses all over the place.

For more info visit: SA Web Biz

Integrated Marketing Group
Integrated marketing Group

At this moment not so good as it sounds as we are busy to rebuild our group of marketing websites and will re-integrate the websites in stages but nothing stops you from getting your website(s) ready.

10+ years ago we started with about 70 marketing websites that eventually grew to over 300 and our primary aim was that we, yes WE and that include you, use the group to promote our individual businesses, products and services for free.

The many different systems and lack of content for such big group caused however too much problems so we took the whole group down to rebuild and change our strategy.

What we did is to build a CENTRAL management system from where everything can be managed and working the other way round and FIRST get sufficient CONTENT for specific marketing websites before we enable such website.

Our slogan is "IT's YOUR GROUP" and all that you need to do is to build YOUR website with good quality content, something that you should do anyway, and make use of the different marketing opportunities and we and the system will take care of the rest to promote your business, website, products and services.

The more you make use of it and the more clients follow suit, the more marketing power and the more you and everybody benefit. As simple as that.