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New accounts are usually created within minutes up to a few hours after we received an order but due to propagation new domains will only be accessible after between 6 - 12 hours and transferred domains between 30 - 36 hours.

Propagation is the process where the name server records of the domain are distributed all over the internet so that servers worldwide know here to find your domain. Nobody have any control over this and in some rare occasions it may take up to 48 hours. (That is what official documentation said but we never experienced such long period)

In the case of domain name transfers from other ISP's please note the following.

1) The client MUST inform his/her current ISP that he/she want to transfer the domain otherwise they will deny the transfer tickets.

2) In the case of SA Domain names (.co.za) there is a waiting period of 24 hours to give ISP's a change to approve or deny transfer tickets before transfer and propagation starts. International domain transfers takes much longer.

Difference between domain parking and domain hosting.

When you register for our services you have a choice between domain parking and domain hosting packages.

Domain parking is simple what the name said. A registered domain are parked on our servers until such stage that you want to start using the domain. Domain parking is ideal for customers that want to register a domain name but don't have a website yet and also don't want e-mail at this stage.

The hosting packages provides you with several choices between hosting packages. The package you choose determine the functionality and available features and are directly related to the cost. You can at any time upgrade to a higher package while downgrading to a lower package incur a R45 downgrading fee.

Control Panel

After set-up of your account you will receive a welcome e-mail with the login details and other information. This e-mail is send out by the system after account set-up.  In this regard please note that clients that selected domain parking only during registration, will not be able to access their control panel despite the welcome email that's being send to them too.

This e-mail is very important so please read it properly and then use the details to login into your web hosting control panel. 

After you logged in and accessed your control panel we recommend that you click on the various icons to see what happens.

The control panel is really easy and very detailed documentation is available at

The web hosting Control Panel

Please don't be afraid to play around and clicking icons or whatever. It will be difficult to mess up everything but even if you somehow managed to do that we will be more than willing to delete and reinstall the hosting account.

After all, you can only learn by trying something and errors and problems is part of the learning process. It's therefore much easier and better to test, mess-up and make errors during the early days that later when you already invested a lot of time and effort into development of your website.


We really try our best to help and support our customers but it waste our time and make things difficult if we have to struggle to get payment.

Our hosting prices is very, very low and the services provides is still of high quality but it's not easy to maintain such low prices and high quality if we don't get paid in time.

Hosting accounts are always payable in advance before the last day of each month unless the invoice indicated otherwise.

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