Free Landing Or Sales Pages

We integrated a "Sales Pages" feature into our SA Web marketing system to make it very easy for you to build your own landing or sales pages.

Successful marketers know that it’s ridiculous to create a product or email newsletter, and then spoil the launch by promoting it through their home page.

They know that the home page is a hot mess of choices that will distract potential customers.

Thus, the popularity of the highly-focused landing page.

See, landing pages convert dramatically better than a home page, increasing your membership site sign-ups, ebook downloads, or product sales.

There are dozens or even hundreds of studies like "eye movement" and information by experts on different topics available that made internet marketing a fine art but the basics are.

1) Marketing material with all the bells and whistles, do's and don'ts and such things
2) Such marketing material that then point / link to highly focused landing- or sales pages

Follow up, contact and many other things, products and services are also important yes, but the only and sole purpose of above is to get a prospect so far to complete a specific action.

That touch the bottom line of your business and everything resolve around that.

- With the average person that decide within seconds whether he/she want to read further or not the headline and what can be seen / read within a glance is of critical importance and must enjoy the most attention. That is by far the most important part of any landing- or sales page.

- Make sure your headline refers directly to the place from which your visitor came or the ad copy that drove the click. Match your language as exactly as you can (close is good, exact is best). This way you keep your visitor oriented and engaged.

- Provide a clear call to action. Whether you use graphic buttons or hotlinked text (or both), tell your visitor what they need to do. I use a minimum of 2 calls to action in a short landing page, 3-5 in a long landing page. Copy tests here will give you the biggest bang next to testing headlines.

- Write in the second person – You and Your. No one gives a rat’s patootie about you, your company, or even your product or service except as to how it benefits him or her.

- Write to deliver a clear, persuasive message, not to showcase your creativity or ability to turn a clever phrase. This is business, not a personal expression of your art.

- You can write long copy as long as it’s tight. I always err on writing a little long on the first drafts because it’s easier to edit down than to pad up skimpy copy. Your reader will read long copy as long as you keep building a strong, motivating case for him/her to act. However, not every product or service will require the same amount of copy investment.

- Be crystal clear in your goals. Keep your body copy on point as a logical progression from your headline and offer. Don’t add tangential thoughts, ancillary services, and generic hoo-hah. Hoo-hah makes the client feel good but wastes the reader’s time. Every digression is a conversion lost. 

- Keep your most important points at the beginning of paragraphs and bullets. Most visitors are skimming and skipping through your copy. Make it easy for them to get the joke without having to slow down. People read beginnings and ends before they read middles. Make sure you keep your most critical, persuasive arguments in these positions.

- Remove all extraneous matter from your landing page. This includes navigation bars, visual clutter, and links to other sections. You want the reader focused solely on your copy, your supportive visuals, and the offer you’re making without being tempted to wander around the room.

- Assume nothing. Test everything. These tips and techniques will get you started, but they just scratch the proverbial surface. Design elements are critical, too — color, images, layout — as well as video, audio, and other interactivity elements whose purpose is to more deeply engage the reader and boost response. They all merit a deeper look and testing where it makes sense.

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