Scripts and Programs

Your Web Hosting control panel already have some program scripts pre-packed and ready for you to use.

With these program scripts you can create are complete, fully functional websites or separate sections within only a few minutes without the need for any hi-tech knowledge from your side.

There are thousands more programming scripts available. is geared toward webmasters and programmers who are looking to enhance their Web sites and intranets with dynamic development tools- scripts, books, and other resources. With thousands of Web programming script and such resources available on the Internet today, our mission is to provide Web developers with the best centralized collection of quality programming information and resources in the most convenient fashion.

Based on this program script you can build a hi-tech website at a fraction of the cost than what it would cost to develop something similar from scratch.

We can help you to install / customize your program for only R75 per hour.  (Takes an average of about 1 - 5 hours)

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